September 4, 2014
Toronto Election 2014 - Transit Map

Here’s a really interesting map of the Toronto mayoral candidates proposed transit plans. 


I’ve made this map in order to get out of the realm of out-of-scale line diagrams that Mayoral candidates keep releasing and see where their proposed transit options actually go in Toronto.

Note: Some of the proposed lines by many candidates do not have funding models behind them.

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August 23, 2014
Playing the John Tory Waiting Game

John Tory, mayoral candidate for Toronto, had released an ambitious transit plan for Toronto. While the general idea is great it remains vague on exactly what the cost would be for the riders or whether it would have seamless transfer from the TTC to it. 

I had sent the below letter to the Tory campaign in hopes to receive clarification back on July 10th but have received nothing back. 

"To whom it concerns, 

When John Tory first declared he was going to be running for mayor I was absolutely thrilled. I believe a centrist is what the city needs in order to unite the divide between left and right and restore order and working politics to the city. 
I was however confused when he released his transit plan for the city running along existing GO Train lines, adding several stations. It was stated that you could transfer seamlessly from those lines to the TTC but it wasn’t made clear if you could transfer seamlessly from the TTC to those lines. If you cannot I have to ask what the advantage of such a plan would be. Currently people can already board at Main St., Exhibition Place, Scarborough, and Longbranch however the cost in comparison to a metropass or one way $3 TTC fare makes that prohibitive. The Union-Pearson (UP) Express is slated to be around the $15 mark one way* - clearly something people are not going to spend on rather than the $3 TTC fare. 
With the Eglinton crosstown line slated to come into effect by 2020 and the University-Spadina line expansion opening in the next 2 years and adding thousands of more people to an already over crowded Yonge / University-Spadina line how does he intended to ease this crowding if it will cost more to use his proposed transit line and if he has no intention to create a downtown relief line (or commuter relief line)? 
It would be great to have clarification as to whether or not you could transfer seamlessly from the TTC to his proposed transit lines with a metropass and if not what the cost would look like to use his proposal and why people would be more apt to spending more on such a line versus taking the relief line (as most people who commute from further distances on the TTC tend to be lower to mid income earners). Unless of course this is all postering with the understanding that councilors will vote towards a downtown relief line instead of his proposal. 
I will say I think his proposal is quite sound fiscally, however it has to be completely integrated with the TTC fare system otherwise nothing will be done to relieve congestion. 
I look forward to your reply and thank you for your attention.”
*It is now estimated to be $25-30 one way for the UP Express

February 28, 2014
Proposal to Ban Gay NFL Players Sent to Congress

Yeah, pretty sure this going nowhere, especially since the NFL recently came out against anti-gay bill in Arizona, even going so far as to hint at pulling the Super Bowl from the state. Good to know who your enemies are though.

(Source: projectqueer)

December 20, 2013
Warning to Sochi athletes from the IOC

Remember South Africa IOC? Was that not take a political stand when you banned them for decades because of apartheid? F the IOC; cowards, hypocrites, and homophobes.

December 20, 2013
Supreme Court strikes down Canada's prostitution laws - Politics - CBC News

December 19, 2013
New Mexico high court rules same-sex couples have right to marry

Congrats NM!

December 19, 2013
Toronto moves forward on LGBTQ positive athletic centre

October 17, 2013
Commenting on personnel matters

Great article from the Grid pointing out the hypocrisy behind Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s recent comments regarding the photo of a public servant apparently sleeping at their desk. 

April 18, 2013

Wonderful speech by Maurice Williamson on same-sex marriage during the New Zealand debate/vote on it. 

July 20, 2012
Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Mayor Rob Ford Attempts to Clarify Anti-Immigrant Statement

It really is depressing that this is what Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, has for a mayor. At first I was angry and confused, then anger turned into comedy as his blunders were farcical. Now I’m just sad. Sad that Torontonians have another 2 years and 3 months of this bigoted buffoon (no Ford just because that word contains ‘buff’ in it does not mean I’m complimenting you).