February 28, 2014
Proposal to Ban Gay NFL Players Sent to Congress

Yeah, pretty sure this going nowhere, especially since the NFL recently came out against anti-gay bill in Arizona, even going so far as to hint at pulling the Super Bowl from the state. Good to know who your enemies are though.

(Source: projectqueer)

December 20, 2013
Warning to Sochi athletes from the IOC

Remember South Africa IOC? Was that not take a political stand when you banned them for decades because of apartheid? F the IOC; cowards, hypocrites, and homophobes.

December 20, 2013
Supreme Court strikes down Canada's prostitution laws - Politics - CBC News

December 19, 2013
New Mexico high court rules same-sex couples have right to marry

Congrats NM!

December 19, 2013
Toronto moves forward on LGBTQ positive athletic centre

October 17, 2013
Commenting on personnel matters

Great article from the Grid pointing out the hypocrisy behind Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s recent comments regarding the photo of a public servant apparently sleeping at their desk. 

April 18, 2013

Wonderful speech by Maurice Williamson on same-sex marriage during the New Zealand debate/vote on it. 

July 20, 2012
Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Mayor Rob Ford Attempts to Clarify Anti-Immigrant Statement

It really is depressing that this is what Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, has for a mayor. At first I was angry and confused, then anger turned into comedy as his blunders were farcical. Now I’m just sad. Sad that Torontonians have another 2 years and 3 months of this bigoted buffoon (no Ford just because that word contains ‘buff’ in it does not mean I’m complimenting you). 

May 8, 2012
Toronto Mayor's Radio Show Mouthpiece for Homophobia

Rob Ford’s weekly radio show with brother brought their standard low brow discourse to a whole other level in their latest broadcast. The guest on the show, David Menzies a Toronto Sun reporter, compared homosexuality to obesity, claiming it effects your health as you are more likely to get HIV. He also took shots at a reporter with a rival newspaper, the Toronto Star, claiming the Star sent the most effeminate reporter they had to look into a story that has caused it’s own media firestorm - http://metronews.ca/voices/ford-for-toronto/129795/ford-angry-reporter/

Rob Ford has been no stranger to homophobia, refusing to attend any LGBTQ related events, including Toronto Pride (3rd largest pride festival in the world), claiming that if you’re not gay or a drug user then you don’t need to worry about getting AIDS, endorsing a candidate known for homophobic views and sermons (claiming it is evil, and a disease needing to be cured), he now has this to add to it. 

May 4, 2012

I can’t explain how much I love this. This is what more campaign ads should be like, intelligent, truthful, concise, and addressing the issues. Brilliant.