July 24, 2014
For kayaker Connor Taras, coming out was the ultimate victory: Arthur | Toronto Star

It’s official, athlete’s coming out is now the it thing to do. From several Olympians (including former swimming tycoon Ian “The Thorpedo” Thorpe) to NFL draft hopefuls and NBA, MLS players. Welcome the age of being out in sport. 

July 15, 2014
Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay | Toronto Star

Big news the sporting world. Ian Thorpe, aka the Thorpedo, has come out of the closet. 

May 28, 2014
Calgary Olympian finds three words liberating: "I am gay"

April 2, 2014
The Sport of Courting LGBTQ Sporting Organizations

Image courtesy of revolked2.blogspot.com

There are a number of LGBTQ sporting organizations within Toronto. From soccer, to water polo, to dodge ball. Teams and organizations range in their competitiveness from friendly to intense or “fierce”, They range in size from teams of half a dozen to leagues of over 500. For a city that only had a handful of LGBTQ sporting organizations in 2000 Toronto has seen an explosion with now close to 50 teams and organizations for people to choose from, and it isn’t alone, cities across the continent have experienced a growth in LGBTQ sports. Why?

First and foremost are the numbers. With greater acceptance more people have come out of the closet. The HIV-AIDS epidemic that decimated the gay and bisexual male community has become more manageable and infection rates have decreased with safe sex practices and awareness. This means there are a lot more people within the community. More people means more interests and more people to join teams and build out new sporting organizations. 

As the queer community has gained greater acceptance within society the fringe aspect and counter culture that thrived within it, while still there, is no longer as prominent as it once was. People, younger people in particular, don’t particularly identify themselves by their sexual orientation, it is simply a small part of them. Being gay doesn’t make someone as “different” as it once did. Joining a sports organization before might have been seen as an attempt to appear macho, or pay lip service to the oppressive societal norms that so many had rejected and is no longer the case for many. 

Community, love, and friends. It can be hard finding people to date, whether you’re Queer or Straight. While there are bars, clubs, dating sites, and applications like Grindr or Scruff, they often leave a little to be desired. Sporting organizations have allowed people to interact with other Queer people, expand their friendship circle and explore another, more organic, way to meet potential partners. When I first came to Toronto joining a sporting organization was where I met most of the friends i have today and I continue to recommend joining a team or organization to anyone new to this city or any other. 

While I believe that the increase in numbers, and greater acceptance has allowed for a greater burgeoning of sports organization within the Queer community, I feel it is the desire to meet new people, develop new relationships (romantic and platonic) that has been the key contributor to the growth,

Do you think there are any other contributing factors to this growth I haven’t mentioned or feel one of the others is more important? 

February 28, 2014
Proposal to Ban Gay NFL Players Sent to Congress

Yeah, pretty sure this going nowhere, especially since the NFL recently came out against anti-gay bill in Arizona, even going so far as to hint at pulling the Super Bowl from the state. Good to know who your enemies are though.

(Source: projectqueer)

February 24, 2014
Nets sign Jason Collins, first openly gay NBA player

Congratulations Jason, and congrats to the Nets! 

February 13, 2014
How to Behave Around Your Gay Teammate in the Locker Room

Hilarious and very accurate post about how to behave in the locker room if you have a gay teammate. 

February 13, 2014

Oh yeah, in case you missed it the SCC’s defensive player of the year Michael Sam came out… before the NFL draft. Meaning if drafted he would be the first openly gay player within the NFL and first openly gay player to be drafted by a team in any major male professional sports league. 

Can’t say enough about the courage for which Michael Sam has. Hats of to you sir for doing what so many other haven’t been able to and for paving the way. 

February 11, 2014
College Football Star Could Be the First Openly Gay NFL Player

History might be made during the NFL draft. Only time will tell if Michael Sam will not only become the first openly gay man in the NFL but also the first openly gay athlete to be drafted to a major North American professional sports league. 

February 10, 2014

This phenomenal video comes out of Norway, XXL All Sports United, and clearly is in response to Russia’s anti-gay “homosexual propaganda” law.