February 28, 2014
Proposal to Ban Gay NFL Players Sent to Congress

Yeah, pretty sure this going nowhere, especially since the NFL recently came out against anti-gay bill in Arizona, even going so far as to hint at pulling the Super Bowl from the state. Good to know who your enemies are though.

(Source: projectqueer)

February 25, 2014
Could Arizona Lose the Super Bowl Next Year because of an Anti-Gay Law?

If the bill is passed it looks like this might be a possibility. There is already precedent on this matter. In 1993 the NFL pulled the Super Bowl from AZ over its refusal to recognize MLK Jr day as a state holiday. 

February 13, 2014

Oh yeah, in case you missed it the SCC’s defensive player of the year Michael Sam came out… before the NFL draft. Meaning if drafted he would be the first openly gay player within the NFL and first openly gay player to be drafted by a team in any major male professional sports league. 

Can’t say enough about the courage for which Michael Sam has. Hats of to you sir for doing what so many other haven’t been able to and for paving the way. 

February 11, 2014
College Football Star Could Be the First Openly Gay NFL Player

History might be made during the NFL draft. Only time will tell if Michael Sam will not only become the first openly gay man in the NFL but also the first openly gay athlete to be drafted to a major North American professional sports league. 

January 20, 2014
ReOrientation - 3 Part Serious from TSN (the Sports Network)

If you haven’t seen it already check out this great 3 part series surrounding homophobia and being Gay within professional sports. 

i think this decade is going to prove to be very fruitful (pardon the pun) for positive change within the professional sport environments. I predict that by 2020 we will have out athletes in all of the major sporting leagues in North America as well as in the Premier League Football in England and other tier 1 Football (soccer) leagues in Europe. 

January 9, 2014
Thomas Hitzlsperger: 'Der Hammer' who was never afraid of a challenge

Another athlete comes out, mind you he has retired from soccer. 

May 8, 2013
Former College Football Star, Kevin Grayson, Comes Out As Gay

This. Is. Awesome!

September 10, 2012
Aussie Footballer Comes Out, Encourages Gay Acceptance For League

Advocate article on Aussie footballer Jason Ball coming out. 

June 13, 2012
Italian Striker Antonio Cassano Says He Hopes There Aren't Any Queers In The National Team.

Another Italian striker, Antonio Di Natale, had said earlier this year that he thinks the sports macho culture would make it difficult for someone to come out…

I’m sorry (and I’m saying this as someone who plays soccer and loves the game) but when watching Euro Cup or World Cup I tend to see more theatrics than the Tony’s. Soccer players, especially from Europe, have a tendency to act like such princesses, diving at the slightest touch and writhing in pain. Then I think of a sport like hockey where players are pounded in the boards and full on fist fights occur and how “macho” that sport in by comparison and they don’t seem to have any issues with gay players from what the You Can Play project has shown.

Di Natalie, I hate to burst your bubble but soccer is not that macho. And Cassano, grow the fuck up, it’s 2012, attitudes like yours are simply pathetic.  

May 3, 2012
Toronto International Pride Cup - Toronto’s LGBTQ Friendly Soccer Tournament

2012 marks the 6th year since it’s inception for the Toronto International Pride Cup, or TIPC. 

While the tournament has been in a couple of different venues over the past few years it seems to have found a home at L’Amoreaux Field in Scarborough where the 2011 tournament was held and where it will be held again during the August 10-12 weekend this year. 

The tournament has received teams from Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, Washington, Boston, and Waterloo.

The tournament has two streams, mixed or open (which are open to people of any gender identity) and womens (open to those who are female identified). 

The matches take place over 2 days, which a registration event on the Friday evening (which will be held at Slacks) in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village (Church-Wellesley Village, or Gaybourhood).

This year the tournament is experimenting with the format: Whereas in the past squads were comprised of the traditional 11 or more players this year each squad will have 7 members (with the option of including and ‘alternate’). For each game 2 squads will be paired to play against 2 other squads for a full 11v11 match. Stats for each game will count toward the round-robin standings of both squads. Squads with an 8th alternate may only play 7 of their players in any one game, but the alternate may switch in throughout the weekend. Additionally a team cannot have more than 6 players from their squad on the field during play. 

For those with spouses, partners, family, friends, or FWBs that may not be soccer fans other highlights in Toronto that weekend include the Toronto Beer Festival and the ever popular Taste of the Danforth.

Other events during TIPC include the banquet held on the Saturday evening, all signs point it being held at the 519 community centre in the heart of the gay village and will be catered by Fabarnak recently named one of the top five restaurants to go in to Toronto for locally sourced food by Now Magazine (http://www.nowtoronto.com/food/story.cfm?content=186034). 

Registration can be done through the TIPC website - http://www.tipc.org/

You can also let people know you plan to go through the TIPC 2012 facebook event page and follow them on facebook or twitter (@TIPCtweet).