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A boy’s great story about him and his mom’s. 

April 6, 2012

August 31, 2009
Oh My Gayvolution

When discussing causes of homosexuality (or sexual orientation in general) I often hear from who think it’s a choice that it makes no sense for people, or animals, to be homosexual from an evolutionary standpoint. This is often humourous because the same people who argue against it are more often than not creationists, so them bringing evolution into the argument really doesn’t make much sense, especially to someone like myself who believes in evolution, and understands how it works.

Before I explain why homosexuality has evolutionary advantages I’ll first start out by giving a brief summary of natural selection/survival of the fittest/evolution.

First mutations in people’s DNA cause different things to occur, sometimes the mutation(s) are bad and can mean certain death, other times there is no effect either one way or the other, and other times the mutation(s) give one an advantage over their counterparts increasing the likelihood that their genetic information will be passed on to their offspring. So those with these genetic advantages tend to successfully reproduce and raise healthy offspring to repructive age more than those without the advantages thus increasing their numbers and causing their genes to become part of the general population.

Now some people argue that from an evolutionary standpoint homosexuality shouldn’t exist because homosexuals are not passing on their genetic information. To this I have to disagree.

When we think about humans when we were simply hunters and gatherers living in small nomadic groups or community hamlets (usually consisting of just a few families) having a homosexual in your family could actually be advantageous.

As a homosexual you are not going to be having children biologically (unless you’re a lesbian and reproduction is forced) so you won’t be providing food or care for your offsping. However you would be providing food and care for your kins offsping, and fellow siblings. A family with a homosexual in it will be at an advantage because they have an additional adult providing food and care but no children from this adult taking up resources. As such a homosexual’s siblings and the offsping of their siblings are more likely to survive and reproduce. Because siblings share a large portion of their DNA homosexuals are ensuring their genes are being passed on through the offsping of their siblings.

This, in a nutshell, is why homosexuality can make sense from an evolutionary survival standpoint; because they increase the likelihood that their siblings, nephews, and nieces will reproduce and pass on their genes.