June 2, 2010
Advocate readers call gay athletes ‘Nazis,’ ‘filth’

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I’m actually going to post what I posted on the actual article:

First let me preface this by stating that I came out, as gay, to my parents when I was 17 and everyone else soon after. At McGill University I facilitated the coming out group, was on the Queer McGill executive, volunteered for Queerline (LGBT info/help line), ran an organization that does workshops in Montreal high schools on sexual orientation and gender identity, and helped organize a march on Parliament Hill in support of same-sex marriage back in 2004.

I love sports. I cross-country skied and played soccer competitively in high school, I run marathons, I strive to complete an Iron Man before I’m 35, I now play in a soccer league, tennis when I get the chance, and I’m an avid skier and snowboarder.

To the people who have commented blasting other Queer people who enjoy watching or participating in sports, YOU’RE F’N MORONS. You have no idea what your talking about. The lack of intelligence and pure lunacy in the comments made is shocking. I’m so disgusted and pissed off that I’m going to have to point out your idiocy in a long post.

First – Participating in sport is about being active, enjoying an activity with other people or on your own, it’s about pushing yourself, and in many cases about enjoying the outdoors.

Second – I fail to see how training for marathons, or playing soccer, or snowboarding down breath-taking sunshine bowl in Whistler in any way lowers me on the social totem pole some of you seem to have planted yourselves atop of. Nor do I see how it makes me a self hating gay guy. Yeah I’m so self hating I’ve likely done more the community in 4 years through my activism than most of you will do in your life time.

Third – I play sports because I enjoy them. I love running, in the winter mornings seeing the sun rise on lake Ontario while I’m finishing a 15 or 20k is awesome! I love playing soccer with my team cheering them on when I’m off and pushing myself to do better each time I’m on the field. I love the feeling of making a good play, or stopping one. Also the feeling of beating a personal best or running past a biker on a hill is up there close to good sex.

Fourth – Sports are sexy and inspirational. Forgive me for enjoying watching fit sweaty (and sometimes muddy) men pushing themselves to their limits or grappling with each other to get possession of the ball. Forgive me for enjoying watching a fit guy in a tight spandex swim suit or body suit as they plow through the water to race down the sides of mountains at break neck speeds I couldn’t dream of doing on those pitches. Excuse me for enjoying the excitement on people’s faces as the finish a race, or beat a personal best.

And just to be clear I don’t only like sports. I LOVE the arts as well. Acting, singing, painting/drawing, or playing the french horn or harmonica. The arts have been a very important part of my life since I was little.

I’m also going to be marrying my sports loving boyfriend next year, I guess that’s just another example of how closeted and self hating I must be for enjoying sports. So to all you haters of sport and of people who enjoy sport I proudly raise my middle finger to you who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

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