December 1, 2009
Star Wars is Gay.


It was a Thursday night and the air at the ACC was thick with nerdy hysteria. While the rest of the city was not-so-patiently awaiting the illustrious Lady Gaga’s performance on the Saturday to come, Toronto’s fanboy/girl population was cramming themselves into the stadium. On this night they would witness the geekiest musical milestone to hit the Air Canada Centre’s stage since the Video Games Live concert - Star Wars in Concert had arrived and the mood was electric.

Quite frankly, on a normal day I would have been loathe to make my way to an event like this, but it was the BFF’s birthday and she insisted that I go along with her (That’s not to say I wasn’t wicked excited when we got there, because I totally was).

When we arrived, we quickly realized we were surrounded by cosplay. In every direction a miniature Darth Vader disappeared into the crowd or a Storm Trooper helmet peaked out above the sea of people. While there was tons to look at, Krystle and I were intent on finding our seats to escape the mass of people (Actually, we were kind of embarrassed that we didn’t bring our own costumes).

After a good half-hour of squeezing our way between Queen Amidalas and Yodas, we finally managed to find our section and sit down. The next 20 minutes were spent anxiously awaiting the appearance of the orchestra and geeking out hard core, Star Wars-style, with the Mom-Son duo beside us (BTW, Mace Windu’s casting notes were totally just “Samuel L. Jackson w/ lightsabre,” amirite?!).

…And then the moment arrived.

The orchestra quietly filed their way onto the stage, followed by the choir, as a hush fell over the crowd. The darkness was riddled with the light of those cheezey, $10 lightsaber key-chains, that waved in approval as the musicians took their seats.

Suddenly the silence was broken as the crescendo of the THX theme filled the stadium, and the crowd went wild. A montage of movie clips appeared, replaying our favourite moments from the Episode One, as the orchestra jumped into the first movement.

As the arrangement concluded and the applause dulled, we were soon joined by the fabulous Anthony Daniels, clad in a fitted tuxedo and a sequined tie (as if he wasn’t gay enough already ;D). For the next two hours, Mr. Daniels narrated, in his best Shakespearian theater voice, the “Cole’s Notes” version of the saga, between flawless performances of the best known Star Wars tunes.

To say the least, Star Wars in Concert was awesome. Krystle and I often found ourselves forgetting that we were listening to a live orchestra, and for a moment, I was actually convinced that it was a prerecorded performance.

Of course, I’m not all that smart, so it’s easy to convince me of a lot of things… Like how extra-gay Anthony Daniels is when he flashes his gold-sequined vest, cleverly hidden underneath his tuxedo jacket (Yah, we get it. You’re C3PO and you’re a homo. Go shtupp R2D2 or something).

Honestly though, I’d do it with Anthony Daniels. He could stick his lightsaber wherever he wanted to.

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