August 17, 2009

So I went camping this weekend - decided a little roughing it in the bush was needed - I have no idea why Susanna Moodie complained so much. I think had she lived today she would have been one of those airhead types who can’t live without a starbucks and her D&G bag and she would have had a blod¬†Picture Perez Hilton but with an innie instead of an outtie.

Susanna Moodie (Aug. 17, 2009 entry) - “Like this totally sucks. I completely don’t deserve to be treated like this. I didn’t ask for this. To be maliciously¬†attacked and violated by these insects. I feel dirty, I have to use dial-up… I don’t even know if they have 911 up here, can someone call the cops for me? Please?”

I on the other hand had a fantastic time. Good eats, good company. Went for a late night swim, lay back and star gazed on a cloudless night. I think I felt more relaxed out there than I have in a long time. The city, while great in many aspects, still lacks the peace and serenity that mother nature can provide.

Also having a drink at 9:30 in the morning can be quite liberating :P


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